Do you have a strategy to maintain your aging equipment?

Remanufactured machines provide numerous advantages over new equipment: typically 60% the cost of new, custom built to your specifications, standardize equipment in the plant, retain existing tooling, minimize spare parts, and retain operator familiarity.

Our philosophy is to “keep it simple” – but our work is complex. Earning your trust means everything to us; we strive to be your equipment partner to develop a strategy that meets the needs of your facility.

Equipment Remanufacturing entails the complete tear down of the machine to its base, and rebuilding or reengineering the complete system with:

  • New mechanical upgrades,
  • New electrical systems,
  • New hydraulic system,
  • New lubrication systems,
  • New pneumatic systems,
  • Complete with documentation, etc.

RPT Remanufactured equipment at an affordable price, backed with a “like new” warranty. Our application engineers will evaluate the part you need to build and recommend an equipment solution.

Remanufacture vs. New Equipment

  • Cincinnati Replacement Parts & Technology (RPT) Remanufactured machines typically cost 60% of new equipment
  • Common Controls with custom screens tailored to your operators vs. OEM proprietary controls
  • Precision built to Bearing & Aerospace tolerance capabilities
  • Factory Remanufactured to restore critical machine centerline datums
  • New equipment likely doesn’t match your current equipment line – your operators will require intensive training
  • Standardized parts and commercially available components, reduce downtime, repair costs and spare parts inventory
  • Most new equipment is the built offshore, meaning long lead times for application-specific machines and parts
  • OEM proprietary controls and non-standard parts make them difficult to maintain.
  • Cincinnati RPT offers technical support, maintenance/repair and expertise on different machines

Factory remanufactured

Our remanufactured equipment solves whatever issues your machine is facing. Your line will match. Your operators are comfortable. Retain existing Tooling. Minimize Spare Parts with increased knowledge of maintenance and repair.

Cincinnati RPT Remanufactured machines rival new equipment for Reliability, Productivity, Cycle Times, Maintainability, and Lifespan to meet today’s demands for exacting part quality and tolerances. Choose our remanufactured equipment as the affordable and effective alternative to buying new. 

Cincinnati RPT provides “new machine” warranty – Single source, bumper-to-bumper 12 months warranty on labor and parts.


If you have a request for a quote, wish to inquire about cincinnati machine tool equipment for sale, have questions, or are interested in employment opportunities, contact us by emailing or calling (313)-382-5880 and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.