Cincinnati RPT is your guide for the comprehensive world of grinding technology for centerless grinders and surface grinders. Our skilled technicians and engineers have over two decades of experience to which we have honed our skills in CNC machine repair and rebuild services. With an inventory of over 30,000 new replacement parts and hundreds of original manuals, we specialize in supporting all specific grinding needs.

Whether it’s manufacturing parts to match original specs or offering unique customization for worn machines, Cincinnati RPT ensures the optimal performance and longevity of your machinery is met. Cincinnati RPT keeps your machines running, confirms efficiency, minimizes downtime, and supports the industry’s ever-evolving and long-standing needs.

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The Rise of Surface & Centerless Grinders

Grinding technology has undergone remarkable transformations, particularly within surface and centerless grinders. These specialized methods of grinding have reshaped manufacturing and engineering, allowing for unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Both surface and centerless grinders have found extensive applications across various industries. Cincinnati RPT strives to make a difference in three major areas: automotive, aerospace and construction. By offering precise grinder attachments and accessories like “grinder arbor” and “grinder wheel dressing,” we have helped automotive manufacturers achieve perfect finishes. Our centerless grinders, such as the roll centerless, have streamlined production in these highly demanding fields to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Custom Surface Grinders

Our custom-designed surface grinders have set industry standards that are tailored to spec. With specialized attachments for grinders, such as the “disc for grinder” and “grinder cutter,” we have enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Our advancements in centerless grinding technology are equally noteworthy. We have pioneered centerless grinders with unique models like the 220-8 and 230-10. We have brought forth new solutions in centerless grinding. Our technology empowers industries with faster production without sacrificing quality.

Innovations in Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is a critical technology that has revolutionized industries, allowing for enhanced precision, surface finish, and manufacturing efficiency to control the depth of cut. Cincinnati RPT is proud to be a leading innovator in this field, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to all requirements.

Surface Grinder Technology

Surface grinders operate through abrasive wheels that smoothly grind the surface of a material, achieving a high degree of flatness and parallelism. The technology has evolved with advancements like custom grinder attachments, disc grinders, and precision control mechanisms.

Cincinnati RPT’s Exclusive Surface Grinder Models:

  • 350 Type Universal Grinder: A versatile model that offers various attachments for grinders, enhancing flexibility in different applications.
  • Okamoto Grinder: Known for its precision and reliability, this grinder represents the excellence of Cincinnati RPT’s manufacturing capabilities.

Attachments, Accessories, and Custom Solutions

Our offerings include specialized accessories like grinder arbor, disc for grinder, and grinder wheel dressing. These allow for better control and customization, catering to specific industrial needs. At Cincinnati RPT, we provide custom grinders tailored to unique applications. Whether it’s a complex industrial part or specific material requirements, our expertise ensures the best solution.

Surface Grinder Applications

Surface grinders have found applications in various fields, demonstrating their importance in modern manufacturing. With tools like grinder stock and grinder accessories, we’ve enabled manufacturers to maintain quality within adequate time. Additionally, our industrial grinder machine offerings have allowed metalworkers to achieve the finest finishes and geometrical accuracy.

Maintenance and Support

Our commitment goes beyond providing quality machinery; we also focus on ensuring the longevity of our equipment on surface grinders. Regular maintenance and the proper use of grinder parts and accessories are essential for optimal performance. Cincinnati RPT offers expert guidance and support for all needs. We understand the evolving needs of industries, offering retrofit solutions and field services to keep surface grinders well-oiled.

Surface grinding is an integral part of modern manufacturing and Cincinnati RPT is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this technology. Our innovations in surface grinding range from advanced models to customized solutions, underscoring our commitment to quality and industry leadership.

Advancements in Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding is a method of material removal through grinding, where the workpiece is set up between the regulating wheel (or control wheel) and the grinding wheel that is supported by a work rest. Centerless grinding offers several advantages, including high production rates, superior dimensional control, and the ability to grind complex shapes. Cincinnati RPT has had a long history of advancements that bring innovation and technological excellence to the industry.


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Centerless Grinder Technology

Unlike traditional grinding, centerless grinding doesn’t require the workpiece to be clamped or held in place. This offers advantages in speed, efficiency, and accuracy, making it a preferred choice for many applications.

Cincinnati RPT’s Unique Centerless Grinder Models:

  • 220-8 and 230-10 Models: These models represent Cincinnati RPT’s expertise in creating robust and versatile centerless grinders, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Centerless Grinder Applications and Industrial Efficiency

Centerless grinders are known for their applications across various industries. Within the automotive industry we’ve supplied manufacturing components such as bearings and shafts. Within the aerospace and construction sector, it is essential that we achieve precise geometries for all parts. Our skilled technicians and engineers have extensive experience in providing centerless grinding solutions tailored to specific requirements. Whether you need to repair, rebuild, or enhance the performance of your centerless grinder, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Future Perspectives

With technologies such as hydro-static ways and hi-frequency CBN dressers, we continue to explore new horizons in centerless grinding. Centerless grinding represents an essential part of modern manufacturing, and Cincinnati RPT’s commitment to innovation and excellence in this area continues to set industry standards.

Replacement Parts and Maintenance: Keeping Your Machines Running

For any industry relying on grinding technologies, the availability of precise and high-quality replacement parts is crucial. Machine downtimes can mean significant losses with utmost importance on ensuring the right maintenance strategy. We offer comprehensive repair and rebuild services for centerless and surface grinders. Our technicians meticulously inspect your machine to identify and address any issues affecting its performance. From replacing worn-out parts to restoring spindle accuracy and alignment, we ensure that your centerless and surface grinders operate at their optimal level.

A Complete Inventory of New Replacement Parts

Cincinnati RPT’s in-house machine shop maintains a comprehensive inventory of new replacement parts for a wide array of brands and machine manufacturers. Some of these include Cincinnati Milacron, Heald, Bryant, Warner & Swasey, Landis, Gardner, Norton, Toyoda, and Besly. Within each of these brands we have grinders, mills, lathes, machining centers, ID & OD grinders, broaches, spindles, dressers, and more.

We manufacture parts and components to match original specs. We customize parts to fit worn machines.

Essential Replacement Parts

  • Gears, Bearings, and Babbitted Bearings: Key components ensuring smooth operation.
  • Seals, Worm Wheels & Shafts, Spools, Rails, Gibs: Parts tailored to meet various needs and specifications.
  • Workrest & Blades, Spindles, Shafts, Bushings: Precisely manufactured to match original specs.

Customized Solutions: More Than Just Replacement

In the intricate world of surface and centerless grinding, the one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice. We start with a detailed assessment of each client’s needs, resulting in tailor-made designs and plans. Different industrial applications require unique solutions, carefully adapted to specific needs, materials, and processes.

Cincinnati RPT specializes in providing these turnkey solutions, ensuring that the surface and centerless grinders perform optimally for every unique application. We customize parts to fit worn machines to help prevent aging equipment and continue functioning at a high capacity. We pride ourselves on refurbishing even the most dilapidated machines up to aerospace standards.

Cincinnati RPT stands out for its commitment to long-term support. We have over 30,000 parts in stock for immediate shipment or emergency repair. We want to reduce your inventory and tailor ours to your needs. We are committed to reliability with hundreds of manuals to help identify the required parts for your machine. Our parts department offers long term commitments to support all of your requirements.

  • Blanket contracts – long term pricing commitments
  • Stocking commitments
  • Consigned inventory
  • Reduce your inventory

Process Optimization

Efficiency in grinding processes is not just about machinery, it’s about optimizing those processes. Cincinnati RPT’s experts engage in:

  • Performance Analysis: understanding existing performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Efficiency Improvements: implementing strategies to increase throughput and reduce waste.
  • Quality Control Measures: ensuring that the final products meet all quality and compliance standards.

Shaping the Future of Industrial Grinding

Cincinnati RPT’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and tailored solutions has positioned us as a leader in the field of surface and centerless grinding. Our continuous efforts to enhance industrial efficiency through cutting-edge technology, replacement parts availability, maintenance services, and bespoke application solutions resonate with our pursuit to meet and exceed client expectations.

Our comprehensive range of surface and centerless grinders, from specific models like 220-8, 230-10 to the latest advancements in hydro-static ways and hi-frequency CBN dresser, represent the pinnacle of precision engineering. We ensure that every machine is complemented by refurbished components, reliability in replacement parts, and supported by field services that guarantee uninterrupted performance.

Cincinnati RPT’s vision extends beyond immediate solutions. We invest in future trends, emerging technologies, and supporting businesses in adapting to the ever-evolving industrial landscape. Our documentation library, stocked inventory, and dedicated professionals stand ready to assist you in navigating the most complex problems.

Whether you are exploring our product offerings, seeking custom tailored solutions, or looking to partner, Cincinnati RPT is here to support your success in the grinding industry. Reach out to us today to discover how we can collaborate to elevate your business through revolutionary surface and centerless grinder solutions.